Jet Fuel

In the aviation industry, a major concern is controlling aviation fuel costs, especially for those companies that are already operating on a tight profit margin.

Jet-Xpress is a company dedicated to assisting fuel brokers and fuel suppliers alike in establishing a long-term relationship with fuel buyers to create a long term, mutually beneficial relationship in the aviation fuel market.

By making use of a worldwide network of certified Jet-Xpress suppliers, it is possible to guarantee clients of a reliable supply of any type of fuel.

JFurthermore, due to Jet-Xpress network of primary suppliers, fuel supplies can be delivered anywhere in the world, within 24 hours from the contract being closed. This allows for high speed fulfillment of the client's needs and allows brokers and aviation companies alike the flexibility to react to unexpected events.

Whether purchasing their fuel directly from FOB in Rotterdam sources, or obtaining it from another qualified supplier, working with Jet-Xpress offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and reliability for fuel brokers and end users alike. The current economic environment demands that companies use every method to control aviation fuel prices, and Jet-Xpress stands ready to assist in that goal.

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