How to use the Jet-Xpress App

Jet Express Corporate is an easy and intuitive application made by pilots, for pilots. It comprises information about 4000 airports worldwide which includes Communications, Frequencies, Handler Details, Fuel Suppliers and Pictures. It also enables users to receive fuel quote, charter quote, flight support and organize direct handling via the application. A handler rating system by pilots gives an insight of handler performances. (USA, Canada and Mexico currently not included).

The free app and paid app work on the same basis except that the paid app has extra features like fuel quote, charter quote, handling quote as well as handler reviews.

Once downloaded you must activate the app by agreeing on the disclaimer and signing with your email address. This page will only appear once. The first page gives you access to worldwide airports. Airports can be selected by typing either ICAO code, IATA, country name, city name or airport name.

Once you have access to the airport of choice, a picture and other valuable information will appear. By clicking on the picture (providing you are online) you can zoom in and out to see the airport or the city you are interested in.

For capacity purpose we have uploaded low resolution pictures but if you press HD (bottom right of the picture) you’ll download High Definition pictures. You can also have the real time weather and forecast for the selected airport by using the button on the top right of the picture. The complete database is accessible even if you are not online.

By activating your phone or I-pad location services, the app will also provide you with the nearest airports to your current location. On the paid app, if you've selected a handler or a fuel supplier and press on his contacts your phone will directly dial the handler number. If you've selected the email address an email page will appear for you to send your request. If you request a handling you can select all the services required or only one of them.

On both app you have the possibility to send your feedback as well as handlers rating. Once verified and approved the ratings will be posted on the app for other users. Your name or your email address won't appear. Only the rating will. By posting 30 or more handler reviews on the free app you are eligible for a free upgrade to the paid app. You can also upgrade anytime by paying in order to access the paid app.

Handler’s ratings

  • One airplane = 1 star
  • No star = not rated yet or not worth it. If it's a negative review it will be mentioned why.
  • 1 star to 2 stars = satisfactory but needs improvements like new equipment or more efficient staff.
  • 3-4 star = FBO’s that provide the full service and have their own equipment but also have a good client service with professional and friendly staff.
  • 5 star= Exclusive. Simply the best!